Dog Sledding Adventures!

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Ever imagined traveling in an ancient and time honored way behind a team of traditional sled dogs? Looking for a unique, thrilling, and hands-on outdoor adventure? As a family? As a couple? With the grandchildren? With friends? As a gift? Long for a way to step away from the busyness of every day life? Love dogs? Wish you could reconnect with the peace and quiet of Nature? One of our dog sledding adventures with our 34 pure bred Siberian Huskies is the answer! And you don’t need to go to Alaska! We live in the Connecticut River Valley in Windsor, Vermont, a stone’s throw from New Hampshire. Our huskies love to dogsled and so do we! We invite you to come share in the fun and adventure of our passion!

2 Hour Excursions: What You Need To Know!
30 Minute Rides: What You Need To Know!

Why do we offer dog sledding adventures? Because we want to share the riches that our friendly hardworking Siberian huskies offer: unconditional loving and travel in a traditional way. To us, there are few things more exhilarating and therapeutic than riding behind a team of our canine partners on one of those pristine, sunny, blue sky days – or on one of

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those blustery snowy days – or on one of those nights with a bowl full of stars – in other words, any time! We love the thrill of the ride, but even more, we are humbled and inspired by the mutual partnership and friendship we have with the dogs. The entire experience is amazing and a lot fun! Judging by the feedback of hundreds of guests, they agree!

We hope you enjoy our site! We’ve included lots of photos (all clickable), information about Siberian huskies, videos, and articles that have been written about us. We hope we will have the opportunity to share our passion with you! Until then, check out the video and articles below, and, as us mushers say, “Happy Trails”!

Our "A Day On The Trail" Video
Article About Us In The Vermont Standard

About Us

Hello! I, Kathy Bennet, and my husband, Alex Maclennan, are the human parents of the 42 purebred Siberian huskies that make up Team Braeburn. We are the chief mushers and orchestrators of the myriad of factors involved in taking care of our canine family and running a kennel. Our daughter Elizabeth opened the door to the captivating world of Siberian huskies and dog sledding by asking to learn how 15 years ago at age 9. We began with 5 dogs for her to train, race, care for and love; we now have 42! Siberians are happiest when they can do what they were historically bred to do and so we dog sled! We breed on a limited basis to build our team and are working towards certifying a few as emotional therapy dogs. People often comment that it must be a lot of work to take good care of so many dogs; it is! However, when you are passionate about something, it doesn't feel like work, especially when you receive unconditional love in return. We can't imagine a day without our canine family!
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About Siberians

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Someone once commented to us that a Siberian Husky is like a potato chip; you can't have just one. True enough! Harking back to their roots as partially domesticated working dogs in Siberia, Siberian Huskies have a mystical and primitive quality that is intriguing and captivating. Sensitive and strong, eager and stubborn, outgoing and reserved, playful and dignified, Siberians have an independent spirit that one can never quite capture. As Jon Katz says in his book A Good Dog, these “dogs live in their own sphere, by their own lights”.
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