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We are proudly owned by 36 gorgeous Siberian Huskies. They love to dogsled and so do we! Come share in the fun and adventure of our passion! We offer family friendly:
  • Excursions
  • Rides
  • Special Events
  • School Groups
in central Vermont and New Hampshire.

We always go out with two sleds, two mushers, and 16 to 24 dogs. Each sled can carry two to three passengers; the whole family! We use Double Driver tour sleds. We call them driver-ed sleds because the standing passenger can mush the team! The sitting and standing passengers can switch places so that everyone has a chance to mush! This has been the highlight of many a guest's excursion!

Our tours are designed to provide an in-depth experience. We will take the time to answer your questions, share stories, teach you some hands-on tasks such as how to harness, let you assist as much as you would like and allow opportunities to get that perfect photograph. There will also be plenty of time to enjoy the thrill of the ride! And, of course, the dogs will insist that you snuggle with them!

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Wed Jan 15, 2014

Due to the popularity of our excursions, we have added a third day: Sunday mornings!

Sun Dec 15, 2013

Time to come on out and play with us everyone!

Where We Are Located In the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire near the intersection of I-91 and I-89. Tours given within an hours drive of our kennel in Windsor, VT
Convenient To
  • Woodstock, VT
  • Quechee, VT
  • Hanover, NH (Dartmouth College)
  • Norwich, VT
  • Okemo Mountain Resort
  • Killington Ski Area
  • Sunapee, New Hampshire
802-738-8337 / 802-674-2529

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Dog Sledding Adventures!

Ever wondered about dog sledding? Ever imagined riding behind a team of traditional sled dogs? Intrigued by Siberian huskies? Looking for a unique, hands-on adventure in the great outdoors? You don’t need to go to Alaska! We live in the Connecticut River Valley in Windsor, Vermont, just across the river from New Hampshire. You can join us for a dog sledding adventure with our 36 purebred Siberian huskies!

Dog sledding is the historical job of the Siberian husky. They simply love to run! We share their love of dog sledding! We’re also passionate about them! We offer excursions, rides, custom events, and programs for school groups because we want to share the adventures and memory-making experiences that our canine family facilitates. Our adventures are appropriate for all ages and designed to provide an in-depth experience. We are educators by nature, and will take the time to answer your questions, share dog sledding stories and stories about our dogs, teach you some hands-on tasks such as how to harness, and create opportunities to get that perfect photograph. We’ll let you assist us as much as you would like, and the huskies will insist that you snuggle with them!

We hope you enjoy our site! We’ve included lots and lots of photos (all clickable), a lot of information about Siberian huskies in general and our dogs in particular, videos, and articles that have been written about us. We invite you to join in the fun of a memorable dog sledding adventure in central Vermont and New Hampshire! Please free to contact us with any questions or comments, and as us mushers say, “Happy Trails”!

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Interested in Siberian Huskies and/or dog sledding?! You are in the right place! We live in the Connecticut River valley in central Vermont, a stones throw from New Hampshire, with our family of 35 purebred Siberians. They are primarily sled dogs, the historical job of the Siberian Husky. We share our fascination and joy of working with our dogs on the trail by giving dog sled rides and tours. We offer an in-depth experience and they are for anyone of any age! We also provide lots of information on this site about the breed in general and on our dogs and puppies in particular, about our kennel, lots and lots of photos, stories, updated news, a blog, and, last, but definitely not least, a moving dedication. We hope you enjoy our site and even learn from it! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or to book a tour, and, as us mushers say, “Happy Trails!”

About Us

Braeburn Siberians is run by Kathy Bennett and her husband Alex MacLennan in Windsor, VT. Our daughter Elizabeth opened the door to the captivating world of Siberian Huskies and dog sledding by asking to learn how 10 years ago at age 9. We began with 5 dogs for her to train, race, care for and love; we now have 35! Siberians are happiest when they can do what they were historically bred to do and so we dog sled! We breed on a limited basis to build our team and are working towards certifying a few as emotional therapy dogs. People often comment that it must be a lot of work to take good care of so many dogs; it is! However, when you are passionate about something, it doesn't feel like work, especially when you receive unconditional love in return. We can't imagine a day without our canine family!

About Siberians

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Someone once commented to us that a Siberian Husky is like a potato chip; you can't have just one. True enough! Harking back to their roots as partially domesticated working dogs in Siberia, Siberian Huskies have a mystical and primitive quality that is intriguing and captivating. Sensitive and strong, eager and stubborn, outgoing and reserved, playful and dignified, Siberians have an independent spirit that one can never quite capture. As Jon Katz says in his book A Good Dog, these “dogs live in their own sphere, by their own lights”.