In Central Vermont and New Hampshire with our 42 Siberian Huskies

How Many People Can Come?

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We typically go out with two to three sleds, each with a professional driver, and 16 to 30 dogs, 8 to 10 per sled. Each sled can carry 2 adult passengers, one sitting and one standing, or the equivalent thereof in children. Older children who are at least 48” tall can stand. Smaller children sit on an adult’s lap or on the bed of the sled. Therefore, depending on sizes and weights, we can take 2 to 3 people per sled; the whole family! The sleds travel together and stop together on the trail, and so if your group is on different sleds, you'll share the experience!

Please note: we have a combined guest passenger weight limit of 375 pounds per sled. This limit is for the sake of the dogs.

Where Will We Ride?

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We use Double Driver Tour sleds. As you can see in the photos, a professional driver is in the middle (the "cockpit"). One passenger sits in the front on a seat and can have a small child in their lap and another small child can sit on the bed of the sled in front of the seated passenger. The second passenger stands on the runners behind the driver. This standing passenger can mush the team, the highlight of many a guest's ride! The sitting and standing passengers can switch places so that everyone has a chance!

Who Can Come?

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These rides are designed to provide an in-depth taste of dog sledding. Seniors and three year olds alike have a blast! Even infants (who are often lulled to sleep) can join in on the family fun. We also welcome individuals with special needs.

Where Will I Go?

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We give our 30 minute rides in Windsor, VT at Great River Outfitters. We meet you there. These are exhilarating runs on carefully groomed trails through scenic fields and woods along the Connecticut River with views of Mt. Ascutney.

What Will I Do?

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After you have checked in with Great River Outfitters and gotten dressed by the woodstove, Craig, the owner of Great River Outfitters, brings you outside to meet us and the team! The teams are already hooked up and ready to go. Each ride begins with a dog meet and greet, complete with snuggles and photos! Then you hop aboard, we say to the dogs, “Everybody ready? Let’s go!”, and off we go! We stop on the trail for more dog snuggling and photo ops.

What Do I Need To Bring?

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Warm clothes! We recommend: winter boots, warm socks (preferably wool), outer snow/wind pants, winter coat or several warm layers, gloves/mittens, a hat, something to protect your face (neck warmer/face mask), and a fully charged camera or smart phone as the cold drains the batteries quickly especially if you are taking video. We provide the sitting passenger with a heavy fleece blanket and a lap robe.

What If There is Insufficient Snow?

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Rides run December-March. Even if Mother Nature messes with us by holding back on the snow, we still run! However, instead of pulling a sled, the dogs pull a golf car and an ATV that we have specially outfitted with comfy seats with an eye to taking out guests. Everything is the same for the dogs; they don't care what they are pulling, just that they are! Your experience will also be the same except for the fact that a golf car and an ATV are not traditional modes of travel; we do not use the engines and so your experience is still a peaceful one in nature. If the snow melts out during the winter season, we might use a wheeled vehicle or we might have to cancel, depending on trail conditions.

What Does Dog Sledding Look Like?

Look at our photo gallery, watch our video, Join Team Braeburn On Facebook and read the articles written about us to see the fun and the magic!